Website Development

Professional Websites Done Right

In an effort to keep things simple, we offer three different classes of websites:

  1. Brochure Sites. You have a business therefore you need a website, but your site will be very basic while still being professional. Best of all: we need very little from you to get your site up and running quickly.
  2. Basic E-Commerce. If you're looking to launch a product online or migrate from a third party platform, we have you covered. Take our Brochure Sites, then add the most popular e-commerce software so you can make money directly from your site.
  3. Custom Sites. We've built forums, membership sites, SEO microsites, corporate blogs, e-commerce sites that integrate with POS systems…whatever you can imagine. Contact us to discuss custom sites.

Our Brochure and Basic E-Commerce sites are designed with simplicity in mind. We're able to keep costs low because we remove most of the back-and-forth that's common in developing a website.

We pick a design based on your business. We welcome your feedback on small adjustments such as color palette and font adjustments.

We set everything up based on best-practices. We don't waste your time with technical questions because we already know what's best for usability and conversions. If you're curious about something, just ask! We're happy to explain.

Our intake process is as short as possible. You'll probably question this at some point, but we really have spent considerable effort to ask the bare minimum we need to get started. If it's on the form, it's important.

Simplicity does not mean amateur. Our designs are developed by professional designers. The code is fully optimized for stability and performance. Search engines will glide across your pages. Visitors will swoon. Your site will convert.

Packed with value. Easily upgrade a Brochure site to an E-Commerce site. We build your site, maintain it, and optimize the server it runs on. Take advantage of over $500 (per year) of software to build forms, galleries, run backups, build pages with advanced designs, automate optimization, and more.

  • $549 setup
    $49 / year

    Pages Included:
    Home, About, Contact, Privacy, Sitemap

    Pick One Additional Page:
    Testimonials, Gallery, Menu / List of Services, Embedded Booking Form

    E-Commerce Pages included:
    Multiple Product (Shop) Page, Individual Product Template, Cart, Checkout

  • $949 setup
    $99 / year

    Pages Included:
    Home, About, Contact, Privacy, Sitemap

    Pick One Additional Page:
    Testimonials, Gallery, Menu / List of Services, Embedded Booking Form

    E-Commerce Pages included:
    Multiple Product (Shop) Page, Individual Product Template, Cart, Checkout


We encourage everyone to learn the basics of the system powering your site, but if that's not your thing, no problem! At this point, we do not have a hard policy on how many and what types of requests we'll fulfill. If they're small, infrequent, and no-rush requests, we'd like to offer our services as part of your hosting package. If they become larger, more frequent, and urgent, we will need to discuss an additional service plan.

Not from our end! There are three main instances when you might need to spend more:

  1. If you turn your site into a massive file server, we're likely going to ask for some additional money to help us cover our server expenses. But if you're drawing that much traffic, you should have a business model that more than covers hosting costs. We can help if you don't.
  2. You can integrate third party tools such as Calendly for appointment scheduling or Hubspot as a CRM. Many of these services offer a free tier, but if you want their upgrades or for us to set up and maintain your account with your third party tool provider, there will be additional costs.

We believe in handing you a finished product that you can immediately share with others. We'll ask for any written content and images you may have then our professional writers and properly sourced images will fill any gaps.

Short answer: Yes, securing your visitor data is one of our highest priorities. Furthermore, we design your sites to respect visitor privacy so they can trust you.

If you're interested in the technical aspects, traffic flows rapidly through several layers:

  1. Starting with your domain name routing through Cloudflare, your first layer of protection from hackers begins before visitors come close to your site.
  2. Cloudflare takes care of 99% of the bad actors, but we have a variety of server-based safeguards in place to keep the remaining 1% out.
  3. We then utilize a combination of security best practices and site-specific security software to further secure your site from attackers.
  4. On our E-Commerce package, payments are handled directly by trusted payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe or Square.
  5. All of that is protected by a SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.
  6. Site notification, form submission, password reset, and similar emails are sent through a privacy-focused provider named ImprovMX.
  7. We provide site analytics using a privacy-focused provider named Fathom.

Additional steps can be taken if you have unique considerations.

We value your privacy.

We set your site up to value your visitors privacy while providing you with tools and data to succeed.

We believe most businesses can obtain enough data to better serve their customers without violating their customers privacy.

If you would like to install less privacy-conscious tools such as Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel, we'll add them for you – we won't even judge.

Get your new host set up, send us temporary login credentials, and we'll migrate your site from our host to yours. You may then delete our temporary login credentials. As you will no longer be a paying customer of ours, we will remove our license from the following site software:


  • Your site is hosted on a cloud-optimized virtual private server from UpCloud that we fully manage (WordPress VIP managed hosting is $5,000/month plus $5,000 to get set up).
  • We build your site using WordPress.
  • The base design is provided by Kadence ProKadence Blocks Pro, and Kadence Woo Extras (optional) ($163/year value).
  • We include form building via Fluent Forms Pro ($59/year value) or Gravity Forms Elite ($259/year value) and tables (optional) via Ninja Tables Pro ($49/year value).
  • Search engine and social optimization comes from SEOPress Pro ($39/year value).
  • Automatic image optimization comes from Smush Pro ($72/year value) while organization is handled by Happy Files Pro ($59 value).
  • In case you make a change that breaks something, WPVivid ($99/year value) provides complete offsite backups and quick restores when necessary.

Just based on the tools we include to power your website, you're getting $500+ per year of included value. Not bad!

Payment is processed upon successful completion of the ordering form. As we do the initial build rapidly, we are unable to offer refunds after you've ordered unless we are unable to build your site. We then do additional fine-tuning based on your feedback. Before we provide your site login information, automatic recurring payments for your hosting will be set up via Stripe. Annual hosting expenses may be refunded on a pro-rated basis.