Examples of our recent projects

Immediate customers through effective ad management and retargeting

A medical specialist office contacted us looking to increase their new customer inquiries. The group office includes a variety of specialties, including cosmetic surgeons, oral care providers, chiropractors, pediatricians, and more.

Through targeted Facebook and Google ads plus retargeting (showing ads to people who have previously visited their websites), we consistently drive an average of one new patient per day per doctor's office.

While we are able to scale these ad campaigns to drive more inquiries, we've found that sending too many new patients can overwhelm the typical intake process, leading to poor conversions and reviews due to longer response times from the medical office reception staff.

Local business growth through search engine optimization

When we were approached by the owner of several independent restaurants, we determined that local search engine optimization (SEO) was going to be the best long term strategy. Although SEO can take six to twelve months to start showing significant results and requires ongoing work, it provides some of the best return on investment for the long term.

Through content development and a commitment to SEO best practices, we have ranked each restaurant for competitive search terms such as "[cuisine] restaurant [city]" and "best restaurant [city]".

When combined with Facebook retargeting campaigns, the owner decided to increase their operating hours, hire additional staff, and is currently considering opening additional locations.

Market share and profit growth through streamlining marketing, sales, and customer service

Our client, a travel equipment manufacturer who offers direct-to-consumer sales, needed to modernize in order to stay competitive in their fierce market. We manage a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes:

  • Direct integration with sales and customer service.
  • A robust content marketing strategy including articles and videos, all optimized for top search ranking.
  • Customer outreach via select social media and a high quality segmented customer email newsletter.
  • Influencer outreach through networking, affiliate programs, and industry promotions.
  • Integration with traditional marketing channels such as print and TV as well as running and attending events for marketing purposes.
  • Streamlining their previous marketing department of over a dozen people to one point of contact.

Through our consistently updated strategy, we've driven repeated year-over-year growth in sales volume and profits.

From launching the website to preparing to sell the business

One of our manufacturer clients came to us years ago knowing they needed a website. Over the years we've:

  • Completely redesigned their website 3 times.
  • Shaved over 20 seconds off the load time of their site through server optimization.
  • Launched their online store that also provides support for their retailers.
  • Advised with new product launch and event promotions.
  • Coordinated print campaigns and packaging design for new products.
  • Conducted retailer research in order to find the sweet spot between selling to customers directly and going through retailers.
  • Provided ongoing social media marketing support.
  • Helped to maintain a positive brand image during intellectual property legal battles.
  • Assisted in developing their long term exit strategy.

We're their IT and marketing department all rolled into one.

Updating marketing and technology for a large, but outdated business

Our client had been in the insurance industry for over 100 years. Combine an old company with a restrictive industry and it's easy to understand why sales representative cell phones and laptops, print marketing materials, websites, and any kind of customer relationship management (CRM) system was either terribly outdated or simply nonexistent.

Not only did we update the technology and marketing for this client, we established them as a resource for their clients who needed help with their technology and marketing efforts.

Our client moved from typically being in one of the bottom two positions for local market share to consistently being in the top two and have had to expand several offices.