What Is A Full Stack Marketing Agency?

Since we like to refer to ourselves as a Full Stack Marketing Agency, it's only fair to define the term!

To a marketing expert, it probably sounds redundant.

However, we have discovered that most people genuinely don't really know what “marketing” means.

It's this ambiguous thing that gets people to buy things.

Isn't that advertising? Or maybe it's sales?

Even reading the definition isn't helpful.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is figuring out how to bring buyers and sellers together.

Yes, that's pretty ambiguous.

  • Marketing figures out the big picture strategy for a business to reach customers.
  • Marketing figures out who those customers are.
  • Marketing works with advertising to ensure the ad campaigns fit with the overall strategy.
  • Marketing works with the product builder to make sure the product meets the needs of the customer.
  • Marketing works with IT to get send out emails and update websites to promote the product.
  • Marketing works with customer service to make sure any issues don't become big public problems.
  • Marketing works with accounting to develop a budget.
  • Marketing works with sales to help them close deals.
  • Marketing works with the person answering phones to make sure their brand message is always perfect.

There's more, but you get the point.

That's A Lot Of Moving Parts!

You're right, it sure is.

Beyond that, when you outsource one aspect of marketing, that person is overseeing others working on your project.

That's more moving parts.

But to most business owners thinking about marketing, your priority is to see more business year over year.

The part of your brain dedicated to operations gets to think about what you actually do with that business, but the marketing part is focusing on more customers buying from  you.

That's what we handle.

We do the research to understand your product, company, competitors, and industry.

We look at your current marketing strategy and develop recommendations. These are presented to you without marketing doublespeak and jargon.

Once approved, we handle everything.

If a project needs a new website, we handle that. If an existing site needs to be updated or optimized, we're on it. Google and Facebook ads, email marketing, search optimization, whatever it is, if it falls under the marketing umbrella, we make sure it's working.

We've figured out how to efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of marketing, including responsibilities typically overseen by IT, customer service, and sales.

That's what makes us a Full Stack Marketing Agency.

Full Stack Marketing Agency = More Business + Less Work

Offload your marketing tasks, from simple updates of a website to developing an entire strategy, and save yourself the headache while capitalizing on a wealth of knowledge.